Editing is a part of the wikia, either its to update information, or add new things! But its best to stay away from messing up precious coding and editing. But make sure you dont vandalize! The Consequences are SHOCKING!

Rules Edit

  • Vandalizing

Vandalizing! Vandalizing! We have some Vandalizers here! Nobody wants their content to be wiped away! But remember thats there's always a way to undo and redo in your history! Vandalizing can lead to bring you a month block!

  • No New Categories!

The categories we have are to organize the wikia! We dont need useless categories such as cats!

  • Spam Pages

Making pages with WIP (work in progress) counts as spam and can give you a five minute or five hour block!

  • Editing Pages

Up above we discussed Vandalizing, but there's something different in the rule too. If you're editing something to fix errors and untrue content that's perfectly fine!