Welcome to the Map of Explorers!

This wikia is intended to teach children and adults about people around the globe who are a part of our history, such as famous explorers like Columbus, Magellan, and many more!

Now how about some information for the road?

You may think explorers are just a small dent in the world and didn't accomplish big things, but you're wrong! Very wrong indeed. Some of these men and women founded the Americas and made the U.S.A a place were freedom is everywhere you go, most of these states at least. Some of these people did horrible things, but are still history! Most of these stories take place before your grandparents were born, and even some that take place before your great-great-great-great-grandparents were born. But anyways apart from all of this exciting stuff, this wikia is protected from vandalizers that could easily make the content untrue, such as saying Columbus invented the wheel. But apart from all the information we have some guessing games too! These games are updated either ten or one-hundred times a day, making them fun to play. We have games like Hangman, Guess the animal, Which explorer is this, puzzles, riddles, etc. Because we don't want your experience here to be dull, we want you to have a little fun!

If you are a student in a classroom and your teacher tells you to come onto this wikia, don't just come here to play the games, you are on this site to learn about different people around the world who have accomplished great things in their well being.